Designing the ultimate yacht charter vacation 


Whether it be a getaway with family or friends, or a corporate retreat, whether you desire an adventurous week of athletic endeavours, or look forward to basking in the sun on deck with a refreshing drink in hand, there is a yacht and a crew that will be a wonderful fit for you.  Allow Clearwater Passages to help you discover and design the ideal yacht charter vacation just for you.

A crewed yacht charter is the ultimate way to reside in comfortable luxury accommodations while at the same time being able to travel to different phenomenal locations each day with a professional crew who will offer their local expertise and attentive service.
Next Wave

Next Wave

What is chartering all about?

Picture a week (or more) on a beautiful yacht with your family or friends. A full service crew is aboard to show you a phenomenal experience: a professional Captain to sail you to exquisite anchorages and a professional Chef to wine and dine you. In short, sit back, relax and and let your professional crew pamper you. 

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Sea Boss


Have you decided that you'd like to charter and you need to know what the next step is towards booking a yacht? 

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