Stand on deck and BREATHE in the fresh salt air...
Allow your TASTEbuds to be enticed by gourmet meals by your own chef, specifically designed to your preferences...
LISTEN to the the waves, the wind, and the wildlife and the beautiful natural song they create...
Bask in the tropical sun, dive in and FEEL the refreshing salt water cool your skin, feel the warm sand between your toes...
VIEW sensational sunsets and sunrises that seem to go on forever, a starry night that lights up the dark skies, wake to turquoise waters lapping on a white sandy beach at your stern, and explore another world of coral gardens and sea creatures under the surface...

A crewed charter yacht vacation offers you an opportunity to...

  • experience a vacation in a way you never have before
  • discover each other: your loved ones, your friends
  • connect with your kids
  • truly relax and unwind
  • experience a new destination each day
  • be pampered by your professional crew
  • have daily luxury meals prepared for you, specifically tailored to your preferences
  • experience a new sport you have wanted to try 
  • enjoy remote picturesque anchorages
  • lie on deck soaking in spectacular endless sunsets
  • disconnect from the worries and stresses of every day life, and let your professional crew take over and pamper you 

In the islands you may have the freedom to...

  • experience the truth behind "dolce far niente", an Italian saying meaning "the sweetness of doing nothing"
  • slow down to "island time" with no pre-determined schedules
  • swim with turtles and a vast variety of colorful fish on a snorkeling adventure
  • amble through and explore one of two batholiths in the world-- @ the Baths
  • lie on deck and star gaze under a dark sky
  • jump into the turquoise water for a swim before breakfast
  • lounge on a long remote stretch of sandy beach
  • swim to the Soggy Dollar Bar for a “painkiller”
  • hike through historic sugar mill ruins
  • experience exotic tropical fruit you may have never tasted before 


Header Image - Bella Principessa