The majority of our charters are all inclusive charters. All inclusive yacht charters offer a vacation onboard a yacht which provides your own personal crew (generally at least Captain and Chef/Hostess) as well as all meals and an open bar. These charters allow you to sit back and relax.  

A standard week long charter is an eight-day/ seven-night charter in which all provisioning, cooking, cleaning, and boat operations will be taken care of by your crew. The Chef will work hard to individually design an enticing menu for all meals of the day (breakfast, lunch, appetizers, dinner, desert) based on your preferences as well as offer a open standard bar for the week. You may also wish to dine at restaurants ashore to experience the local hot spots as well as acclaimed restaurants. We are more than happy to suggest several dining options and your crew will also be able to make suggestions. These yachts come with a variety of equipment onboard for your guests to enjoy snorkeling and water sports. Some yachts have diving available onboard for an additional cost, others may offer the chance to rendezvous with a local dive operation.

Prior to these charters, you will fill out a preference sheet for your entire group. Your professional Captain will communicate with you and suggest an itinerary tailored to your desires, and your Chef will communicate with you regarding any questions as to your dietary needs and preferences when arranging a menu. You may be able to take part in helming the yacht, otherwise these charters allow you to fully sit back, un-wind, relax and soak up all that the islands have to offer.

These offerings of crewed yachts are exceptional, each crew with their own style, vibe and energy and we will strive to match you with a wonderful crew suitable for your group. When clients approach us about chartering, we really like to interview you to get an idea of who you are, as these charters are as much about the crew as they are the yacht. It is so important to find crew that are not just good and knowledgable, but are a fantastic fit to your needs and desires. 


These charters are only occasionally offered on some boats. The trip is the same as (above) an all inclusive charter except that you will have an agreed upon number of lunches and dinners ashore, and the charter will be at a discounted price. 


CAPTAIN ONLY - (Plus all expenses)

If you would like to charter a boat on your own without a full crew, but are not fully capable or comfortable of handling the boat, or maybe you would just like to sit back and let someone else take the helm, you may charter a Captain- Only. This charter yacht includes your yacht (as a bare boat) and your Captain. You will be responsible for all of the provisioning and meals, the cruising and mooring fees, and (if you wish) you will assist the Captain with the operations of the boat. Captain-only yachts offer the same Captain for every charter and you are able to read the Captain’s biography within the yacht’s brochure. 



Chartering a bareboat, it is virtually just that: a bare boat. You are chartering a yacht that is bare bones. Besides basics such as linens and necessary boat and galley items, you provide everything else: the crew, the provisions, the cruising permits and mooring fees, the cooking and the cleaning (or you can choose to enjoy restaurants along the way). A great option for those who prefer to Captain and be responsible for the boat themselves as well as take care of all of their own provisioning and meals.  



These charters are done showing a base cost of the charter. This base cost covers reservation of the yacht itself with all of its equipment in working order as well as the food and wages for the crew onboard for the length of the charter. All costs on top of the base cost of the charter is considered "plus all expenses." These charters are agreed upon in an MYBA contract under which the conditions state that in addition to the base charter cost, the charterer will pay for fuel, food, beverages and docking fees. These expenses can be tracked through the use of an "Advanced Provisioning Allowance (APA)". Guests typically accumulate costs to be 25-50% of the base charter fee, though it is completely dependent on what is consumed.