Planning a Charter Yacht Adventure

We look forward to assisting your towards your ideal vacation; whether it be a private family or friends affair or whether you care to take a professional corporate outing, we will consider the following elements to identify what will create a successful and magical charter for you.


Determine how many of your friends or family will be joining you on this vacation. Whether it be a family affair, a group of couples, newlyweds, a ladies only trip, or a corporate getaway; determine the make-up of your group, and we will assist you in finding the perfect boat and crew for your group. Any number of people is possible as we can offer packages to book several yachts to follow the same itinerary. We call this “tandem chartering.” Determining your group make-up will also help us to decipher what type of crew will best fit your group's dynamics. After all, the crew are just as important as the yacht in making your vacation memorable!


Whether you desire to travel for the holidays, spring break, or to celebrate a special occasion, we will be able to find you a yacht that fits your desired dates. The more flexibility you have with dates will allow for more choices and options. We are also able to give advice on best time of the year to charter for certain desires.


Feel free to peruse the destinations section of the website to explore the possibilities of areas to charter. Or maybe you have some place in mind whether you have been there before or it is a dream destination, we are able help guide your decisions for the best cruising ground according to what you like to do. Do you like traveling off the beaten path, with a goal to find the most exquisite remote anchorages, or do you desire to find the crowd with the hottest beach bar scene in the Caribbean? Whether it be tailored for the best snorkeling or diving, the most fluid sailing grounds, the whitest sandy beaches, beach bar hopping, island shopping destinations, or athletic excursions, we will help place you in a destination that you will love - and you’ll enjoy a lifetime of memories.


Whatever your budget and your desire, we can help find a yacht for you. These “yachts” can be a wide range of offerings from smaller all-inclusive charter yachts to extreme luxury on exquisite floating hotels. All of these boats offer varied interior and exterior layouts. We enjoy offering all sizes of these yachts and whether it be an intimate sailing vacation aboard a 30’ vessel or a luxury getaway on a large yacht to fulfill your utmost desires and accommodations; we can help you decipher what’s what and learn what’s best for you. If you are not sure which yacht to choose, let us help!


We are able to offer spectacular vacation packages for every budget. We represent only the best yachts in the Caribbean and worldwide, so whatever the budget, each boat will offer its own strengths for its value. When you decide upon your budget and any specifics for the type of yacht that you desire, we hope to be able to offer a slew of gorgeous boats and operations to your liking.  

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