A weekly charter is generally 7 full days and 7 nights. It will look like 8 days, 7 nights as embarkation and disembarking is generally at NOON. These yachts offer a range of prices as well as a range of options for the max amount of guests onboard. We have quite the selection, so we are sure to find you a yacht to your liking.

Generally speaking, the majority of our all-inclusive charters start around $10,000 (2 pax) - $15,000 (8 pax) per week for the yacht. Other offerings for luxury charter rates, plus all expenses start around $10,000 + expenses and go on up. These are typical starting rates, but occasionally there are available yachts that may charter for less or have a current special.

Monohulls are able to offer space for between 2 to 8 guests (10 guests on some of the larger yachts), some multihulls up to 12 guests, and some motor yachts are also able to offer up to 12 guests. If you are interested in having more guests in one party, we are able to accommodate larger groups by booking several yachts in tandem to travel together on the same itinerary. 


The all-inclusive rates include :

  • 7 nights/7 days onboard a private yacht with a professional Captain and Chef (some yachts have additional crew)
  • All meals per day
  • A standard bar and requested beverages (premium labels not included)
  • fuel
  • all expenses related to the movement and running of the vessel
  • use of sports equipment.

Not-included in the quoted rates is CREW GRATUITY (standard is 15-20% of the charter rate). This gratuity is based on services provided during the week, is at the discretion of the client, and is given at the end of the charter to the crew, typically paid in cash. This cost must be planned into your charter budget.

Other costs not included in the charter rate are choices optional to guests: scuba diving, scuba equipment, premium beverages and fine wines, excessive alcohol consumption, excursions off the yacht, dockage (at the guests request), telephone, airport transfers, or other similar expenses incurred by the charter guests. Some yachts do charge for cruising permits/taxes, or overnight air conditioning, however if there are additional costs that will be incurred while aboard, we will notify you of these costs upon inquiry.



See description of a "Plus All Expenses" charter here


Header Image - Bella Principessa